Will I Lose Weight Swimming 3 Times a Week – Yes, You Will

Swimming is a little stressful exercise for your daily lifestyle. Swimming three days a week is a great way to shed extra calories while building quality muscle. You can burn down 500 calories in just 30 minutes of fast swimming. It is twice the amount of calories burned if you are running.

The best swimming posture for weight loss

Before considering the best swimming posture for weight loss, the person who needs to lose weight should remember that no exercise can minimize the effects of a low-calorie diet. So before considering posture and swimming technique’s focus on your diet.

By the way, it is known that swimming can reduce physical stress on specific muscle joints. Due to the buoyancy of the water. The amount of calories a person burns in the pool depends on their swimming technique. Therefore the correct classification of strokes is optimal for weight loss or weight gain.

Will you lose weight swimming 3 times a week? – The best swimming exercise for weight loss


In terms of calories, breaststroke does not burn much fat stored in your chest. It is a beneficial stroke that burns minimal calories.

  1. Average Calorie Consumption before doing an amateur breaststroke: Around 200 calories consumed when swimming for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Stroke is an great cardiovascular exercise that rises your lung capacity than other strokes.
  3. It helps improve the skin tone of the thighs, upper waist, triceps, hamstrings, and calves while strengthening the heart and lungs.
  4. It trains the pectoral muscles and helps with toning.

Back Strokes

  1. The back stroke is the second low-calorie fat burning stroke after the breaststroke. However, it is one of the best ways to improve your posture, if you have a hunched back.
  2. Average Calories Burned: Approximately 250 calories burned in 30 minutes of doing backstrokes.
  3. You have to stay underwater in this stroke and it stretches your spine and help you grow taller, making your back look low.
  4. The backstroke can destress your tired abdomen, legs, arms, shoulders, and lower back.
  5. This is very useful for improving the flexibility of your waist. Suitable for office workers, who keeps sitting in the chair majority of the day.

Freestyle Strokes

Freestyle strokes is the fastest of all strokes, so it should be ranked second in calories burned.

  1. Average calorie consumption: around 300 calories burned in just 30 minutes of swimming
  2. Freestyle strokes can keep your abdomen, waist, and shoulders in shape and makes them strong.
  3. It is known to have the most significant impact on the coordination of the back muscles in the four freestyle strokes, listed above.

Butterfly Stroke

The butterfly stroke is the most challenging course to learn, and although these are not taught to beginners, Butterfly ranks # 1 on the calorie-burning swimming workout.

  1. Average Calorie Burn: About 450 calories in just a 30-minute swimming session.
  2. It is the most effective in controlling and strengthening muscles.
  3. It increases the strength of the upper body and causes muscle damages to chest, abdomen, arms (especially the triceps), and lower back muscles.
  4. It adds to your flexibility, improves muscle texture, and helps to straighten you up your posture.

Pay attention to your breathing

If the breathing technique is not followed correctly, it can be challenging to keep pace and increase overall fatigue. “A lot of people have their heads too high every time they breathe in while swimming, which can interfere with stroke.”

The answer for the question – Will you lose weight swimming three times a week is this “yes when you take a disciplined approach.”

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