Why Swimming Goggles Are Needed And How To Find The Right Size For Your Face.

While Swimming, your eyes need to be well insulated, so that you can see clearly underwater and effortlessly tilt your head to gasp for air from the sides. If you are not using a swimming google then it will be hard for you to keep your eyes open when your head is underwater. Water will gush into your eyes and it would cause irritation and pain.

If you are a professional swimmer then you know the value of a nice Swimming Goggles while you swim, snorkel or explore underwater. The air in-between the cornea of your eyes and the glass of the goggle will keep the eye protected from the harmful effects of pool water. Swimming goggles protect you from eye infections and improve your field of vision.

Choosing the right size of swimming goggles for your face Structure.

Swimming goggles mostly come in 2 sizes – S and L size. If you are buying them online or from a store then it’s unlikely you will get a chance to try them on as most of them will come in cardboard packaging. These packing cannot be sealed backed once you unpack them.

So you need to buy swimming goggles according to the size of your face. If you have a small face then you can buy the S size and if you have a wide face you can buy the L size. If you are lucky, some offline shops may provide a demo piece for a tryout, for the customer.

In that case you can wear the L and S size and see the fit for yourself. Both the sizes of wrap-ping straps can be adjusted to your comfort and they will definitely reach behind your head.

Then do the suction Test by placing the goggles on your face without the wrap-ping strap behind the head to create a slight suction effect.

Suction Test For Swimming Googles
Suction Test For Swimming Googles

If you feel that the goggles momentarily stick to your face. If it does then the swimming goggles are a perfect fit for you. A good suction would prevent water from entering the goggles while you are swimming.

Swimming Goggles Lenses

Swimming goggles also come with 3 different types of lenses.Picking the right lenses would help you in the long term or else you would be needing multiple swimming goggles in different light conditions.

f you swim in a dark swimming pool (mostly indoor), use a clear lens. A clear lens with a wider and clearer vision is your best bet as a beginner.

Swimming goggles with clear lens
Swimming Goggles Clear Lens

For outdoor swimming pools which receive ample sunlight use a smoked lens. The smoked lens will also have Photochromatic features that adapt to the sunlight conditions.

These glasses are great for overcast and sunny days and they help to reduce the strain of various light conditions on your eyes. Most triathletes buy goggles with photo-chromatic lenses.

Swimming goggles with Smoked Lens
Swimming Goggles with Smoked Lens

Mirror lenses are useful when you swim in open water are swim in an outdoor swimming pool during noon. Mirrored lens reduces glare and reflection of the sun, emerging from the pool corners and water.

Swimming goggles with Mirrored Lens
Swimming goggles with Mirrored Lens

For an average person, they act like sunglasses but professional swimmers use these mirrored lens goggles to prevent opponents from being able to see where their eyes go while swimming.

What glasses do we recommend?

If you are a beginner then you should focus on getting the best comfort and wide vision range, in swimming goggles. You also need to go for a clear lens that has simple adjusting straps. Most beginners swimming goggles are not good at giving a watertight seal around the eyes and sometimes water may sweep in while swimming. But this won’t be much of an issue till you become an intermediate swimmer.

Intermediate swimmers who swim on regular basis should go for swimming goggles with adjustable and interchangeable bridges. This feature allows the swimmer to adapt to the swimming pool according to the daily training. You can use the Nabaiji SPIRIT 500 goggles are the best for intermediate swimmers, who swim on a regular basis.

As for advanced swimmers, you should choose Swedish swimming goggles. Swedish swimming goggles are designed to provide great stability. They have ahydrodynamic design which is helpful during dives and somersaults. Swedish swimming goggles allow you to manually adjust the straps and the nose bridge making them perfectly adapted to the shape of your face. These googles are suitable for competitions. These goggles also comes with anti-Fog lenses.

Nose Bridge Adjustment in Swedish Swimming Goggles.
Nose Bridge Adjustment in Swedish Swimming Goggles

How to take care of your Swimming goggles

Swimming goggles get fogged and sometimes leak due to the pressure from underwater swimming. Here are a few tips to make your swimming goggles last longer-

Always use baby shampoo to clean your swimming goggle before and after swimming.

If you are a professional swimmer always buy lenses which have an anti-fog coating.

Dirt and scum may build up around the swimming goggles so make sure you get a protective case along with your swimming goggles purchase.

To prevent fog in your Swimming goggles always dip them in fresh tap water before wearing them for the swim. For professionals, anti-fog sprays are an effective way to prevent fog.

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