Things to Do in the Pool to Lose Weight Fast. Start Doing Them Today

When swimming in a community pool, your swimming exercises will be even more enjoyable than working out in the Gym. Water sports can burn fat and positively heal your body. Things you do in the pool to lose weight also reduce symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia syndrome. Once in a while, you need to participate in 2 or more workouts, like weight training and swimming or running and swimming, and immerse yourself in a new fitness program. This way, you can keep your body and stay healthy.

Pool exercise 1: Spider-Man

Climb up the pool walls like a Spider-Man, who can scale the buildings! This exercise will help you overcome gravity in ways that are impossible when tried otherwise. It also presents a unique challenge for your core and back muscles and forces them to get strong.

How to do it the right way: Stand in the water next to the pool. Raise your legs as your legs rise at the edge of the pool and come back to the bottom of the pool; now, rock back and forth to stabilize your upper body. Each time you reach the jogging circuit’s end, you perform four spider workouts alternating with your front legs.

Pool exercise 2: Pool Prank

The wooden board is an essential swimming workout gear recognized in athletics. However, if your upper body is not healthy, it is difficult for your abdominal muscles to stay long enough to train your upper body—all of these workouts are to be done in the pool.

Additionally, the backplate improves your durability, “pushing and pulling in water will increase the challenge for your body core. The stronger your core gets, the better it becomes.

How to do: Stand at the bottom of the pool. Hold noodle’ (a kind of elongated cylindrical foam that also floats called’ water noodles’) vertically with both hands. Lean vertically in the water before your body leans evenly. (Do not leave your head underwater.) Stay in that posture for a while.

Pool exercise 3: Aerobic ball

This exercise is a combination of aerobic and core strength exercises. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged as the ball adds extra resistance and separates your body from the center. 

How are we going to do it:

Version A: Place the ball in front of the navel with both your hands. Run around the whole pool as fast as possible for 1 minute. 

Version B: Place the ball at waist level under your right arm. Shoulders forward (do not turn towards the ball), cross the pool as quickly as possible for 1 minute. Move the ball to the left and run for another minute. 4 repetitions each time, and then rest for a minute.

Pool exercise 4: fly back

In the swimming pool, do standing flybacks. Standing flybacks act on the chest, back, and arms muscles. It can also improve your posture.

How to do: Start in a lunge position with your right knee bent and your left leg straight behind you. Extend your arms to chest level, touch your palms, stretch your fingers, and raise your thumb. Straighten your arms and bring them back underwater to the starting position to complete the task. Perform 8 to 15 reps on each set, four sets, and change to full width for each group of sets.

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