Swimming for Stomach Fat – Less Known Techniques

Does swimming burn abdominal fat?

Yes, but not directly. Swimming is a great way to slim down your abdomen. However, despite losing weight, it is impossible to lose fat in some places in your body like your thighs and buttocks. You need to follow a swimming regime that burns your entire body fat.

You can read about all of on our website. But let me warn you before there is no exercise primarily focused on reducing belly fat. Instead, over time all of your results come with strict calorie consumption. It’s simple science- You will only get fat if you are consuming unwanted fat.

However, if you like to swim, then you can easily enjoy burning fat. If you continue to exercise and control your diet, your whole body, including your abdomen can be sculptured into the form you have in mind.

How Much Swimming Do You Need to Lose Weight?

It’s very complicated, but basically, weight loss can be all down to simple math.

For example, a pound of fat contains about 3,500 calories. Therefore, to burn a pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 more calories than burn.

According to the current NHS, a safe rate of weight loss is to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.

So, since you know that a pound of fat has around 3,500 calories, losing a pound a week means you have to fall into a shortage of 500 calories a day. You need not skip a meal but find vegetables and fruits that make you feel full while providing you with fewer calories.

For a person weighing 70 kg, this can be achieved by undergoing a swimming session of about 45 minutes per day or a total of about 5 hours per week.

Soon after starting your swimming workout regime, you have to do a lot of swimming. However, you should not rely on swimming exercises alone to achieve this weight loss effect. Superfoods can also play an important role. Find superfoods that can help a swimmer to build endurance and aids in weight loss. You can find smoothies you can prepare with Kale and citrus fruits that can help you in losing your stomach fat.

For example, reducing your daily meal intake by 250 kcal/day means that you can achieve your weight loss goal with 2.5 hours of swimming per week. This equates to 3 lessons of approximately 45 minutes – most people can adjust to their schedule.

If you think that’s too much, don’t worry. It is important to remember that all swimming (and related physical exercises) is essential. Some activities are better than nothing. So if you are unable to get to a scheduled swimming session due to your busy schedule.

Even if you cannot attend the meeting three times a week, just once will affect you positively and move you towards your goal. Most importantly, you’ve set achievable and sustainable plans for yourself.

Set weight loss goals

Well-planned goals help you turn your thoughts into action. So before you do anything, you first set yourself some achievable goals.

To illustrate this, I’m assuming I currently weigh 180 pounds, but my goal is to consider 165bs. This means that it will take around 15-16 weeks to achieve this goal.

I now set small goals for myself each week that support my overall goals beyond this range. For example, “I swim 4 times a week, 30 minutes each time”, etc.

By deciding where you want to go and starting to plan how to get there, you can stay focused and celebrate victory without feeling like life has not changed a bit. Note: Our weight naturally changes every day. So, don’t confuse your daily reading when tracking weight loss. Divide by seven on weekends, adding the number of days 1 tracking your weight each week.

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