Walking And Swimming To Lose Weight-Swimming Burns More Fat. Faster.

If you are thinking about choosing walking and swimming to lose weight, I would say go for swimming because it’s more like a leisure activity and you need to pay for the pool services. I firmly believe that when a person is paying for some assistance and has the flexibility to try it without any external pressure, they are more likely to do it. If you are paying for a gym, then you will have the constant pressure to perform from your peers as well as your trainer, while if you are going for a walk, you would have the choice to stop and rest because no one is monitoring you and you are not paying anyone for walking.

Benefits of Walking

Waking is one of the good ways to burn those excess calories; one of any age or aliments can walk an extra mile every day to gradually burn his excess calories. You need not need a consultation with your doctor to start waking. Just start using the stairs and try to walk the extra mile each week. Once you build stamina, you can run during your walks, and little by little, you will healthily lose weight. The speed in which you walk and the terrain you choose to walk make a considerable difference in your weight loss plans. A person with an average body weight of 150 lbs walking at three mph for 30 minutes in the morning or evening burns 148 calories. You can burn 202 calories if you prefer hiking for the same amount of time. Make sure the muscles in your legs can withstand the effort you are taking; if you are expiring pain in your leg muscles during hiking, please do consult your doctor. Hiking may not be the best exercise for you if you are suffering from some ailments.

Benefits of Swimming

If you are old, then there is another reason for you to swim. Swimming boosts your metabolism, and your body burns fats in your body to produce the energy required for swimming. Research by Indiana University shows that recreational swimmers of all ages have a slimmer waist, leaner muscles, and hips than those who do not swim. These people are getting shredded by doing leisure activities; imagine that. By swimming, your core, arms, glutes, hips, and shoulders have to go against the resistance offered by water which is 800 times denser than air.,

Water neutralizes gravity, and when you are swimming, you become weightless and give your joints the ability to flex your muscles better.

If you are growing old, then there is another reason for you to start swimming. Researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine Conference found that habitual swimmers are biologically 18 years younger than their actual age. Their cardiovascular system, central nervous system, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure are in tune with someone 20 years younger. A person’s cognitive function improves gradually by swimming, and if you are someone suffering from the loss of cognitive function, then swimming helps them too.

Two hours of swimming every week is the standard set by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. But you can try different types of swimming to decrease your time in the pool to get the results you want. If you weigh 150 lbs then, a moderate swimming pace for 30 minutes burns 207 calories from your body. If you do deep-water aerobics, then you can burn 438 calories in just 30 minutes. Avoid sports-related swimming activities because they burn fewer calories.

Athletics are taught to burn fewer calories during swimming to improve their performance to break records. Deep-water aerobics is what helps you in your weight management program. It builds endurance in athletics and helps them train and spend more time in the pool by burning fewer calories. If you are a beginner, then I suggest you do interval training. Swim as fast as you can for a lap and then swim at a relaxed pace for the next lap. Try variations in your interval training swimming programs so that you become comfortable doing them. The more comfortable you are, the more times you hit the pool. You also need to wear a bathing cap while swimming to reduce resistance in the water.

A bathing cap and the right swimming gear can improve your swimming speed and help you stay longer in the swimming pool.

So, to conclude the article, choosing swimming over walking to lose weight is better for people of all ages.

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