Swimming Exercise Workouts

Swimming exercise workouts are considered one of the best aerobic exercises that are also good for toning every type of body. In swimming, all your body parts get activated because you apply force against the resistance of the pool water to make you move forward in the water.

Swimming exercise workouts provide you with solid resistance in the pool without any after-effects.

If you do various weight lifting exercises or shift to the wrong position on the various exercise machines, it may cause injury to different muscles of your body. Falling over the pool is not very uncommon, so there is no risk in the swimming workouts. It also enables you to build inner strength without any risk. These are the few swimming exercises that are commonly used.

Kickboard kick

This exercise is easy and has all the exercise forms involved used in the swimming lessons for beginners.

  • Outstretch your arms, and then hold the kickboard in front and then kick your feet simultaneously and try to swim forward.
  • While swimming, try to pull your navel in towards your spine and a bit far from the core of the pool.
  • Try to swim the complete length of the pool, or swim until you get a feeling of being drained of your energy to swim safely.


This exercise is for those who want to build up abs and arms muscles.

  • In the water, stand with the water up to your neck, and then try to pull your knees up to your chest.
  • With tightening and strengthening your legs by leaning back, in a pike or jack-knife position. With your bottom towards the floor of the pool, try to form a V position with your body.
  • Try to stay in this position for long, it will help you to get good looking abs.
  • For your triceps, you can keep yourself floating by using your arms and then pushing the arms backwards.
  • Take a 40 seconds rest in between and the sets and do reps of 10.

In the beginning, the swimmers can hold the pike position for one or two seconds. But if you stay in regular practice, you can control the pike position for a more extended period.

Tic- Toc

The tic- toc exercise works for the oblique or the muscles of the side and your abs.

  • At the end of the pool, stand with your feet shoulder-width wide apart in the water.
  • To submerge your arm till elbow lean over one side.
  • Squeeze your abs tightly, while you return back to the standing position.
  • Then do this again to the other side, do this at least eight times.

This exercise is good for people who want to stretch their body muscles, especially the arms muscles.


This article is about the various Swimming exercises that will help you stay fit and healthy. There are multiple exercises mentioned for beginners to inbuilt their bodies. If you remain in the regular practice of these exercises, you can stay in these positions for a more extended period.

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