Can We Lose Weight by Swimming?

Swimming burns many calories and is an excellent exercise to lose weight fast. It helps you to boost your overall health and make you fit. Swimming involves the movements of various muscles and puts pressure on your cardiovascular system. It proves to be a benefit for all the body parts and muscles. Losing weight is not a quick thing. It requires a lot of patience and motivation.

Swimming is the best exercise for the arms, core, hips, and shoulders. A regular swim at average speed can burn about 700 calories in one hour than a run on the treadmill, which will burn roughly 300 calories. Swimming burns calories and helps in the growth of lean muscles. Swimming against the force of water allows you to boost metabolism; it helps burn calories more and more. Many trainers mainly advise you to swim at your own pace, but you have to do it regularly. If you start harshly at once, it might cause you muscle sprains, which later results in harrowing scenarios.

Swimming requires regular movement of legs and arms or the other body muscles, so when all the body muscles stay active and in action, it helps you lose weight. You don’t realize how much energy you are burning inside the water, so you work a lot.

As swimming is not for any particular age group, people of various age groups, shapes, and sizes can learn swimming. It doesn’t have any adverse effect, so that everyone can perform it quickly. And swimming also allows you to go at your learning speed; you can either make a slow start or go faster according to your comfort zone. Some of the exercises may seem difficult initially, but once you learn and can practice them regularly, you will become good at it and see an effective result.

If you swim at an average speed for 30 minutes, you can burn about 250 calories. If you practice this four times a week, you will be able to lose more than one pound in just one month. But everybody body is different from each other, and everyone follows an entirely different lifestyle, so that weight loss may vary from person to person. If you do it at the same pace, you can lose a considerable amount of weight in a month.

As people get curious about whether I can lose weight by swimming? Then the answer to this is that yes, you can but whether you lose weight depends entirely on yourself. If you swim regularly, then you can lose weight. If you swim at your own pace, you can burn approximately 500 calories.


In this article, you will find how swimming helps you lose weight. You will also see how long you should swim to lose some calories and get in shape. Swimming also helps to stay fit and in shape rather than losing weight. You can lose weight by swimming, but if you try to add it to your daily routine, you will create a healthier lifestyle.

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