How Swimming Helps You Lose Weight

Swimming is counted as one of the best workouts for heart and lungs patients. In swimming, the body works against the resistance of water in the pool. This is how swimming helps you lose weight. Water-resistance gets your muscles straightened. If you are interested in learning how to swim and become a master, you should take a proper swimming lesson and form a master. In the swimming lessons, the experts make you learn various swimming techniques.

In swimming, you require to put force against the flow of water and move forward, which involves a lot of strength and stamina. If you start practicing the basics of swimming, it helps you lose some pounds of weight.

Swimming is not mainly focused on weight loss, but when your body works heavily and enjoys something happily, you can lose some weight.

Swimming is better than any other exercise done on the floor. So for losing weight and calories, all the swimming exercises are considered good, as they improve the body’s metabolism and help to stay fit and younger.

How swimming helps you lose weight?

As we all know, water is denser than the air; that is why all your movements in the water are like resistance work out for all the body parts. Swimming is the best exercise for the arms, core, hips, and shoulders. A regular swim at average speed can burn about 500 calories in one hour than a strenuous gym workout that can burn roughly 200 calories. Swimming not only burns calories but also leans muscle fibers. The leaning of the muscles helps you boost your metabolism, which helps burn more calories.

How long to swim

The number of hours you should swim depends on your body weight. Research has said that an average person should swim for about two hours and 30 minutes a week to lose calories. Swimming is not only for losing weight; it also helps you maintain yourself at a certain weight when you lose some weight within a particular time frame.

If you want to lose some weight, then swim at the same speed in the pool and use the same technique regularly, then your body will lose some pounds. When you do something away from your comfort zone and change your routine, your muscles get leaned and help you get the desired result.

Make it slow

Don’t increase the swimming duration at once; make a slow start with 15 to 20 minutes of swimming every day, and then as your body allows, start swimming for 30 minutes a day and swim five days a week. If you create a heavy swimming routine all at once, then your body muscles can get sore and even cause muscle spasms and make you give up on the swimming workouts.


In this article, you will find how swimming helps you lose weight. You will also discover how long you should swim to lose some calories and get in shape. Swimming also helps to stay fit and in form other than just losing weight.

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