Can Swimming Make You Gain Weight

You might have heard a lot that swimming helps one to lose weight and it is one of the effective exercises for it. But have you ever thought about gaining weight, can swimming make you gain weight? However, it will not be justice to say the answer just in Yes or No. For this, you should also know the complete reason behind it.

It is obvious that when the weight of a person is more and if they want to lose weight then the person has to do more work or exercise in order to lose weight. But what if someone is lean and wants to gain weight. First, you must know that gaining weight means gaining muscles, the addition of muscles helps a person to gain weight.

For gaining weight also people have to do exercises, and yes swimming will completely help a person to gain weight. There are different kinds of exercises if you want to concentrate only on some muscles.

Here are the few things which you must do, if you want to gain weight through swimming.


If you want to gain weight then consistency is an important key to achieving it. Swimming only when you want is not going to work, you should practice swimming 2-3 times a week and spend time swimming, in the pool whenever you get an opportunity. If you have swimming in your backyard then it is well and good, and if not then you can join a gym with a swimming pool. Also, it is important to work on a muscle that you desire to work on.

As you know that while swimming all your muscles become active, and you can concentrate on a few muscles like the thigh, chest, biceps. You may have also seen that every swimmer is fit, they are not so thin nor too fat. If you are thin then with a proper swimming schedule you can achieve a toned body like a swimmer. But the only thing that you have to do is be consistent with your schedule and stretch your muscles as much as you can. Stretching your muscles simulates its growth.

Proper Food

Gaining weight means you must take a proper diet, the number of calories you take must be more than the number of calories you burn. Then only you will be able to gain weight, also add protein to all your food. But do not eat too much, it may not affect you positively, try to eat healthy as much as you can. Include carbohydrates, fibers, and superfoods.

Swimming and the gym will make you spend more energy, so you have to make sure that you take large amounts of calories. Make sure to minus the sugar from your diet and instead of proper amounts of protein, as a supplement.


Swimming is helpful for our health, in many ways it also helps you gain weight and make your body fit. With swimming your muscle and body will be toned and you will look attractive.

In this article, I have mentioned how swimming can help you to gain weight. I hope you liked this article.

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