Benefits of Swimming Twice a Week

Everyone has their own reason for swimming. Someone swims for passion, some for swimming competition, for some to stay calm. The benefits of swimming twice a week help everyone who finds solace in swimming. Everyone decides their time when they can go swimming. But swimming every time is not effective, there are certain times, which is only effective for swimming.

Swimming helps you in many ways, including the health benefits, keeping this aside swimming is a recreational activity, which everyone should learn. The reason is that anyone can fall in any kind of accident like if you slip and fall into a river then there are chances of you drowning in water, swimming will help you to get out of that situation quite easily.

Now, the problem is when is the best time for swimming and the number of times one should go swimming. Benefits of swimming twice a week, this is something that everyone should know. On top of that, not getting to swim twice a week is not a big deal.

In this article, I will explain what the benefits of swimming twice a week are.

Heart and lungs

Swimming not only involves external parts of the person, but it also plays a major role in the fitness of the internal organs of a person. Especially the lungs and the heart because they are thoroughly involved in swimming. Control on breathing is very important while swimming, there are different patterns in swimming, which should be kept in mind and every swimmer must have fit lungs. Twice swimming in a week helps a person to practice breathing patterns and increases the capacity of the lungs.

When one performs swimming then it helps you tone up your entire body. It works on both the physical and internal organs of your body and your heart is also one of them. When you swim then your heart starts to beat fast, in other terms your heart rate becomes high. This is also known as cardiovascular exercise, and swimming is one of the best exercises for cardiovascular health. Swimming also helps to build lung strength and endurance in your body and increases the lung capacity of your body.

So, regular practice or twice a week for swimming is important to make sure the body is fit for swimming or to get ready for any kind of competition.


This is one of the benefits of swimming that is often ignored, but flexibility also has a major role in swimming. Swimming helps to turn your body according to the needs of the water and you will develop skills over time to do the same outside water too. But it needs a lot of practice and you have to give time to your swimming. If you only visit the pool twice in a week, you and your body will be ready to burn fat and develop new muscles. You yourself will also notice a change in your state of mind.

Flexibility is important because when you float freely in the water or dive straight in the water it shows the flexibility you have. To increase your flexibility use your arms and legs as much as you can and whatever is necessary, to float in water in the water.

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